Age at Home Australia will provide a report which allows individuals and couples to compare two situations; staying at home with support, or moving into aged care.

It can be very difficult to determine the right time to move from home to residential or aged care and to understand the financial costs associated with the decision.

Age at Home Australia can demystify the costs around staying at home and allow you to make an informed decision. The right support and information can often mean that remaining at home is a superior financial option.

Comprehensive information is provided regarding the costs associated with residing in your home for the remainder of your life expectancy. This information, teamed with professional financial advise, allows you and your family to make well informed decisions around your personal and financial circumstances. Commonly, deferral of entry into an aged care facility can yield substantial savings.

The Age at Home Australia team is available to facilitate a referral to services once you decide the time is right for you.

Our services include:

  • Initial home meeting with key parties to understand your needs and home environment in order to ensure we develop the right plan for you
  • A comprehensive review of the home environment
  • Design of a care plan that represents your goals and priorities
  • Strategies, including home modifications, equipment and services that may be required to fulfil your goals
  • A detailed report clarifying your goals, strategies and the costs associated with remaining at home
  • Liaison with your treating medical and allied health professionals to ensure that our plan is detailed and provides an accurate record of your ongoing health needs
  • Contact with other family members
  • Contact with your financial advisor to ensure the care plan is reviewed in conjunction with your financial circumstances. Age at Home Australia can also facilitate a financial review of your circumstances by a qualified and licensed expert, to provide clear information on the costs associated with remaining at home versus seeking accommodation in a residential care facility
  • A review meeting with key parties to discuss the results of the financial review and to support you to make a decision
  • Ongoing personal support to fulfil your decision.