At Age at Home Australia we believe in supporting your wishes to remain at home. We understand the importance of remaining at home, in a familiar environment for as long as is safely possible. We believe there are many steps that can be taken to maximise your comfort and safety and minimise worry for family members.

It is commonly believed that the only option available is to sell the family home and transition into an aged care facility. Our unique service provides the choice to stay at home by making some changes.

Our philosophy is to work closely with key parties to ensure safety within the home environment and organise networks to support individuals in their own home.

Our service will provide clarity around the costs associated with remaining at home, this evaluation of your financial circumstances assists you to make an informed decision.

At Age at Home Australia we believe in providing choices through information and support. We feel privileged to be able to assist clients to carry out their wishes and live their dreams.

Your life. Your choice.