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    Our ClientsWe focus on working with you to make an informed choice about whether to remain at home or move into aged care. Should you choose to retire at home, we provide ongoing support tailored to your needs.
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Our team are university trained health professionals working with individuals to remain at home safely. We assist individuals to overcome barriers affecting their ability to complete tasks that are important to them.

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Age at Home Australia provides holistic and coordinated services to support you in your own home.

To find out more or book an appointment, please contact one of our friendly staff.
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Informed Choice

The physical dislocation from home may carry with it a loss of contact with family, friends, neighbours and recreational interests, challenging our sense of independence.

We can provide peace of mind. In many cases we will be able to show that, with some changes at home, a move into aged care facilities can be deferred or ruled out.

Through the provision of quality needs and financial evaluations, thorough implementation and support packages, our bespoke services allow you the choice to stay at home longer.

  • Mobile Services

    Qualified consultants meet with you
    at home at your convenience. Our
    recommendations are tailored to
    your needs, enabling you to remain
    at home safely for longer.

  • Home vs Aged Care

    Age at Home Australia provides an
    individualised report to evaluate
    existing and anticipated needs.
    We can also assist in modelling
    the financial consequences of
    staying at home with support
    or moving into Aged Care.


    In many cases, we will be able
    to show you that, with some
    changes at home, a move
    into Aged Care facilities can be
    deferred or ruled out.

    Your Life. Your Choice.

  • Ongoing Support

    If remaining at home is
    the best option for you,
    Age at Home Australia provide
    quality support services to meet
    your individual needs.

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